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G SongLab is a new place for young people (13-28) who want to write and produce their own songs. Our community is a safe environment where you can interact with and learn from other songwriters and get mentoring from professionals, whether you participate in our workshops on site of online. The workshops are brought to you by TIUKU Public Information Cultural Factory, The University of Arts Helsinki and Genelec in cooperation with local Music Schools and Youth Services. Join us! 


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Information on G Songlab

G SongLab is a songwriting community that provides an open and safe environment to compose, write lyrics and produce music together. Our workshops are free of charge and devised to support co-writes, peer learning and network creation between young people interested in writing and producing their own songs.

G SongLab uses digital learning environments to make it possible for young people to participate from wherever they are. The workshops help participants write and produce their own songs and share their musical creativity in a safe and responsible manner on line. 

G SongLab creates new cross-sectoral cooperation between youth work, music education, libraries etc. to make music education more widely accessible for all young people with diverse backgrounds. We produce new research data and actively cooperate with research projects in several fields. 

G SongLab is brought to you by TIUKU Public Information Cultural Factory, Genelec Ltd, Helsinki City and the University of Arts Helsinki.

Genelec support young music makers:

As a company with an international standing, Genelec have a long tradition of supporting educational programs that help young people realise their dreams through the creation of music. With a partnership already in place with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus in the US and Europe, and the establishment of the Ilpo Martikainen Audio Visionary Scholarship in conjunction with the Audio Engineering Society, G SongLab is a natural extension of this commitment to global music education.

Genelec’s Juho Martikainen explains “This is an excellent way to express our values of enthusiasm and justice. Music creation belongs to everyone, and if we can help young people to learn and find their own way in life, then that is the best prize there is. In the difficult times we currently live in, we believe that music can help create hope, a sense of belonging and a shared determination to support each other and survive.” 

As part of the Genelec Academy the project offers for young songwriters a safe and free-of-charge online-community and an international learning environment to develop their skills as creative music makers. Genelec will participate in mentoring by teaching the basics of sound and sound engineering.